Do less,
achieve more

Could you use some more free time and energy? Let me introduce you to the art of Positive Laziness.

Positive laziness is about figuring out what really needs to be done and eliminating the needles distractions. We often forget to take a step back to ask ourselves what we're really trying to achieve by doing x, and whether it's the best way to achieve it.

Workshops & coaching

Musebox offers workshops & coaching to help you master the art of positive laziness. During these training sessions you'll learn how to turn laziness into an ally as well as learn about the motivation & productivity killing pitfalls we tend to fall in and how to avoid them. You'll also learn to recognize and avoid important looking but pointless tasks.

For students

30% of students in the Netherlands suffer from burn-out symptoms. Musebox offers workshops & coaching to help prevent study delays and burn-out symptoms. This by teaching students proper think & study habits based on positive laziness. This helps students manage their workload, allows them to be more productive, and even allows them to have more free time to work or have a social life.

For companies

The principles of positive laziness are relevant for the work environment as well. They can be used to streamline processes and increase the output of the employees while at the same time lowering the workload. For entrepreneurs Positive Laziness is essential to effectively pursue your goals without burning out.

More information?

For more information contact us via our contactform or send an e-mail to info@musebox.nl.


Do you want to know how you can become productively lazy? Take a look at the book "The Art of Positive Laziness".